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Hammond always considered keyclick as a flaw. Engineers had tried to reduce it by muffling the sound a little. As a result, L100 doesn't sound as bright as consoles, and even though they added Brilliance tab in latter models like L122, there is very little keyclick in it. If you want more keyclick, do the following:

  • open preamp/percussion unit
  • remove C203

  • if you wish you can open power amp unit and remove C310 and C314

I removed only C203 in the preamp section and it gave me loads of sweet sounding keyclick.

There are more modifications that can be performed on preamp/power amp explained here:

Please note that even if you modify your preamp and power amp you will not hear any keyclick using internal speakers. The Hammond engineers chose L100/M100 speakers to minimize keyclick. You may add additional speaker in parallel with one of the existing two which should increase the amount of keyclick.